28 March 2023

Technical information

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madera pellets

Enamelled Black single-wall stove pipe


The DINAK DEKO range is ideal for connection to wood or pellet-burning stoves.

DEKO WOOD (without joint)
T600 N1 W Vm L80100 G(800)
DEKO PELLETS (with joint)
T 300 (*) P1 W Vm L80100 O(100)
DEKO WOOD: ø125 a ø200, DEKO PELLETS: ø80 a ø100  


Thanks to its enamelled interior, the DINAK DEKO pipe guarantees the stability of the colour and resistance to high temperatures and condensation.



The DINAK DEKO pipe can be easily cut, without the risk of deterioration of the glazing, as long as fine-grain grinding discs are used.



The quality of the DINAK DEKO pipe finish means it does not look out of place as a visible connection of a designer stove.



DINAK DEKO is classified as W, meaning it is resistant to condensation caused by the low temperatures of the apparatus. Assembly must be done with the male coupling directed down words. Should it be used under positive pressure, the pipe will be installed with a joint.
Silicon joint: for temperatures < 200ºC
Viton joint: for temperatures up to 300ºC



(*) with Viton joint
Thickness of steel: 1.2mm


Finish: Matt black


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