01 June 2023
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Statement of privacy

Dinak thanks you for your interest in our website. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel safe when you visit our page.

Privacy protection when dealing with your data is an important issue, one that we take into account in all our commercial procedures.

During your visit to our site you will be asked for your personal data. You are completely free to provide us with the requested data if you decide to do so. If you do provide us with personal data, it will be dealt with confidentially, in compliance with current law.



Copyright 2005 Dinak. All rights reserved.

The text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files and web page design are all subject to copyright and intellectual property protection.

All these items cannot be validly or legitimately copied or distributed for commercial use, or modified or inserted into other websites. The Dinak Web page may also contain images whose copyright belongs to third parties.



Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks shown on the Dinak website are covered by the rights of the Dinak Brand, including all model identifiers, logos and corporate emblems whose trademark rights belong to Dinak.


Product variation

The information, illustrations and images for products that are held on the web site may have been prepared for generic use; for this reason, the website may include information about models, versions and/or accessories that are not available in the territory you visit the site from, but which are offered in other territories for reasons of local demand or legal requirements, which are only available with a different specification or configuration, and that in your place of residence, for similar local or legal reasons, are only available with other specifications or configurations. If you are interested in any product shown on the website, and you are unsure of availability or local market specifications, please contact Dinak.


Guarantee of contents

All information provided by Dinak, as it appears on the website, is given as guideline reference, which is as accurate as possible, but with no guarantee, either explicit or implicit. In particular, this information does not constitute a commitment to an unspoken guarantee of the composition or availability of products, their suitability for specific uses or compliance with the law or observance of patents. Although the contents are in principle considered to be correct, they may contain errors or inaccuracies, for which we advise returning to the site after a few days and insist on our advice to contact Dinak.



Dinak has attempted to create an innovative and informative website. We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about this creative effort. However, it should be understood that the Dinak Trademark must protect its intellectual property, including Patents, Trademarks and Copyright material. To this end, you are expressly informed that access to this website and its contents does not provide you with rights, concessions or licence of any type over the intellectual property relating to the Dinak Trademark, which belongs to Dinak, S.A., and that such access can be taken can under no circumstances as a possibility for attaining such rights, concessions or licence.



Dinak has taken all appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect collected data against deliberate or chance manipulation, loss or destruction, and against access by unauthorised persons. These security measures are continually being improved to comply with technical developments.



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