01 June 2023
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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 10:41

Chim_EIDinak has obtained EI 120 and EI 90 certification for fire smoke control conduits.


Dinak has recently passed the fire resistance tests for fire smoke control conduits and has been awarded EI 120 certification, according to the UNE-EN 13501-4 norm, both for vertical and horizontal set-ups. Dinak has thus become the first European metal chimney and conduit manufacturer to hold this certification.


It is important to note that the CTE DB-SI states that garage ventilation conduits, when they are used for fire smoke extraction, must be EI 60 when they go through compartments. The test norm for conduits for smoke control is UNE-EN 1366-8, which differs from conduits for ventilation, which are covered by testing norm UNE-EN 1366-1.


Dinak is the only manufacturer to have gained both certifications, which means that our EI 120 ventilation conduit, is also suitable for fire smoke control. Therefore, the Dinak EI 120 modular metallic conduit is the only one with these features that can be installed in garages for ventilation and fire smoke evacuation.


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