Philosophy of the company


filosofia Dinak

We know that accumulated experience is not enough to guarantee our leadership and we are faithful to our ongoing commitment to effort, innovation and improvement that inspires our company: to create a technically excellent product and offer a service that makes us stand out in the market.


“DINAK is a brand, a product, a philosophy and a response to customer needs”


With a team that fosters enterprise spirit, professionalism, involvement and personal enthusiasm among its members, we work daily to set ourselves aims that we know we are not yet able to achieve, because we are aware that if we oblige ourselves to attain them, we will be able to get even better results than what was expected.

Innovation, quality, service and adaptation are the key words for us every day: we develop our portfolio of products by innovating and attempting to cover all the market segments, from the simplest domestic installation to the most complex industrial installation. We offer global solutions at a competitive price, with every quality guarantee and a complete service for support and advice for our customers.


What makes our company one of the best in the industry is our capacity to adapt to different markets. Our ability to fit into national markets can be put down to the local offices and sales teams we have in each country, who manage to adapt our products and processes to the “local flavour”.


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